Monday, December 1, 2014

What is landscaping in Pittsburgh PA(15201)?

There are many landscaping services in Pittsburgh PA. Check out the video below, at that looks at various landscaping in the 15201 area.

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1 - Estimate your landscaping budget

In the end, if you are truthful with yourself, you'll be ok. Don't ask for the most luxurious landscaping setup in the neighborhood, which obviously could cost as much as mortgage in total, and expect to only pay $5,000 for it. Heck, for a 30 foot long, 3 foot high retaining wall, you will likely spend between $3,000 and $6,000!

Instead, start with the opposite. Landscapers are not swindlers. They are not hustlers. They want to make money, but also give you the best product that they can, so that you, in turn will lead even more business into their pockets.

Think about what you want, discuss what you can afford, and work with the landscaper. You might find that if you do some of the prep work, or even some of the orbitting labor yourself, you could save and still get what you want.

2 - Don't mulch on mulch

I really don't know if mulch could be used as a verb, but I'm going to. Its a fun word to say, and it has so many possibilities in a landscaping project.

So, how do you save money on mulch?

The easiest method I have for you is to eliminate additional trees and shrubs from your property (or even your neighbors if they are in need), and use the wood chips for your mulching material. Since the trees are native to the area, you will find that they will always match the surrounding trees, and in most cases around our neck of the woods, will also offer a great smell on your property.

To add to this, think about purchasing dyed mulches. Not only do these have a terrific aesthetic, but they can last 5% - 20% longer than regular mulches.

3 - Repair and Repaint surfaces yourself

My suggestion on this is to handle all fixups, repairs and the like BEFORE you start taking estimates of landscaping work. This way, the landscaper knows what surfaces and area they can work with and you have those like-new looking elements in place.

4 - Find a quality landscaper!

This might seem like a very simple step for you, but for many people, they go with cheap over good. Remember, you want to find value, not just the lowest cost.

You could have hired a registered, licensed contractor and landscaper in your area. The job would've been more expensive, but it would've been done in less than a month, and you would be swimming laps and not tracking down some guy to strangle him.

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